Day: August 5, 2020

Keeping up with a regular activity schedule is essential for maintaining an active level of physical fitness, mental stimulation, and social interaction, especially for senior citizens who may be at risk of depression and isolation. Activities that are enjoyable like Games to Engage Seniors stay active and stay in the community.

Games to Engage Seniors – Favorite Activities to do With Seniors

Walking for seniors is one of the easiest and most affordable activities for any senior citizen to engage in. Walking alone is a good way for seniors to get started but the activity is only half the equation. Walking while having conversations with others provides seniors with opportunities to share their stories and connect with new people.

Walking is a fun way to build endurance and stamina while also improving coordination, balance, and posture. It improves muscle strength and flexibility. Walking can be challenging for seniors because it forces the muscles to work harder than they would while sitting at a desk or on a bicycle.

Seniors who engage in regular exercise experience many positive benefits including a reduction in stress and an increase in energy. They are able to maintain a healthier body weight because they burn more calories while working out. They are also able to exercise at a slower pace when they become tired. Exercise helps to prevent depression because it improves mood and lowers blood pressure.

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