3g pitch resurfacing uk

3g pitch resurfacing uk is an excellent way of renovating a synthetic football surface that is starting to show signs of wear and tear. The resurfacing process involves the removal of the existing surfacing and the installation of new astroturf carpet and rubber shock pad. Once the surface has been completed to the required standard it can then be re-certified to meet the appropriate governing body guidelines.

Third-generation synthetic surfaces are some of the most popular around and include both sand and rubber infill to ensure the surface is as durable and comfortable as possible. There are a number of funding options available to football clubs and schools wishing to invest in a new 3G astroturf surface.

Revamp Your Sports Facility: A Comprehensive Guide to 3G Pitch Resurfacing in the UK

Unlike natural grass the astroturf football surfacing is all weather and can be used year round no matter what the UK climate may throw at it. The surface does not need watering, fertilizing or mowing and is therefore much easier to maintain and requires less maintenance time than natural grass.

The sand and rubber infill of the 3G surface also helps to keep the turf strands upright which makes for a more natural playing experience and reduces any injuries that can be caused by an uneven surface. In addition, the rubber granules in the infill help to protect the player’s joints and make the surface more cushioned than other artificial turf types.

The regular maintenance program for the astroturf surface should include frequent brushing with a drag mat to redistribute the rubber infill throughout the surface. This is important as it will prevent infill migration and remove any contamination that could cause damage to the surfacing. A stiff brush should also be used to clear debris from access points, perimeter run-offs and the surface itself before it becomes embedded within the turf.