Drafting, technical drawing, is essentially the process and art of creating drawings that visualize how something is built or functions. In recent times, drafting has been taken to the next level by the introduction of computer aided drafting (CAD) software, which provides a whole host of benefits for the drafting hobbyist. CAD software can not only simplify and reduce the amount of time spent in the drafting process, but can also help the designer make changes to the design without having to rework or redo the work they have already completed. The creation of CAD software and drawing programs has changed the face of drafting, allowing the drafting enthusiast to save money while still enjoying the benefits of using the CAD program.

Drafting Tools & Equipment

While computer software has made it possible for an amateur to create detailed designs and models of various different kinds of construction and engineering structures, there are several advantages to using drafting equipment. Drafting equipment allows for precise drafting, which reduces or eliminates mistakes that can occur during the process.

Additionally, drafting equipment has the ability to produce a wide variety of results, which are necessary in the fabrication process of various items, such as building materials, automobile parts, and even household furniture. As well, draftsmen can use their drafting equipment to create a wide range of plans and blueprints, which are extremely useful when working with various construction projects.