Having a passive income stream can be a smart way to diversify your income and build wealth. It can also help you get through a rough patch when unemployment or inflation eats away at your purchasing power.

How do I make monthly 1k passive income?

The easiest ways to earn passive income is through affiliate marketing. This is a type of advertising where you promote other people’s products and earn commissions for it. You can use websites such as ClickBank or Amazon’s Associates program to earn a decent amount of money.

Another way to make passive income is through selling digital products. You can sell your own eBook or create a custom product. This is a low-cost method of creating passive income, but you may need to spend a little time promoting your products.

Another way to earn passive income is to invest in a business. This can be a big risk, but if you invest wisely you can build a portfolio that could fetch billions of dollars. You should also consult with a tax expert to determine if you’re maximizing your tax benefits.

A more practical route to earning passive income is to invest in real estate. You can rent out your home or an apartment, and you can buy property and list it on a short-term rental site. Depending on your location, this could be a great option.

If you’re not keen on putting up your own property, you can also use a peer-to-peer platform to rent tools, cars, and other items. You can find a lot of options on apps like Turo and Spinlister.