build a land rover defender

In the past, Land Rover Defenders were popular work mule vehicles. They were a perfect fit for farm owners and excursionists alike, allowing them to pack everything from bikes and skis to surfboards and fishing rods into one rugged vehicle.

But then build a land rover defender shifted gears and began focusing on luxury SUVs instead. As a result, there is now a wide range of new SUVs on the market that are far more capable than the old Defender but have a very different approach to off-roading.

The question then becomes, is a modern Land Rover Defender worthy of the name?

Whether you’re a fan of the old Defender or just someone who likes to live a life of adventure, the new Land Rover Defender is here to prove that you can be your own boss and conquer the wildest places in the world. And, it does so while mixing its off-roading prowess with impressive on-road comfort and everyday usability.

Off-Road Dream Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Land Rover Defender

LEGO’s latest automotive kit is a Land Rover Defender 90, which has the classic styling of a traditional LEGO build, but packs all the features needed to tackle any off-road challenge. The model includes spare tires on the hood and rear doors, a snorkel sprouts from the hood, a beefy front bumper holds a working winch and auxiliary lights, and a roof rack has jerrycans, traction boards, a jack, and a toolbox.

As a bonus, the Defender 90 is available in a sage green color that is appropriate for the outdoors, but you can also customize it with more street-friendly looks to give it a complete look. In fact, you can even start with the Land Rover Defender 90 and then add all the essentials you’ll need to hone your off-roading skills before you decide to upgrade it for more adventure.