Digital Signage in Warehouses

About Digital Signage in Warehouses

Whether it’s the sudden shift of a large shipment, the latest change in warehouse procedures or urgent safety announcements, it’s important that your entire team is consistently on the same page. That’s where warehouse signage comes in. Digital signage is an efficient, direct and visually engaging way to broadcast important information to your team.

When paired with clear navigation, Digital Signage in Warehouses signage streamlines traffic flows and prevents costly errors caused by lost communication between employees. Signage can also help to boost productivity by reducing the time employees spend searching for items on shelves.

For example, when a warehouse employee is unfamiliar with the safety protocols for handling a specific chemical, they can quickly reference a nearby digital sign and receive a detailed visual guide on proper protocol. This eliminates the need for them to search through manuals or ask colleagues, and ensures that everyone is following the same guidelines.

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Similarly, when there are spills or other hazards in a specific area, digital signs can immediately relay these alerts to workers, helping to prevent any accidents from happening. Digital screens can also display daily reminders to workers about watching for wet floors and health hazards, ensuring that everyone is taking the proper precautions in their work environment.

As well, if an emergency arises, advanced digital signage software can allow warehouse managers to override the regular content on their screens and display a premise-wide alert message or emergency protocol. This ensures that all staff are aware of the situation and takes the pressure off of them when it is most needed.