The open-world games that most often attract these kinds of modifications are also those that have a strong sense of creative foundation. The plethora of quality-of-life mods for Stardew Valley, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 prove this, as do the many quest mods that uncover new corners of these universes. But it’s the HOI4 mods that are particularly noteworthy here, especially those that rewrite history in a darker way. Resource เข้าสู่ระบบยูฟ่าเบทผ่าน

These ‘alternate history’ mods have the potential to lull players into a sort of wish-fulfillment fantasies. They make Hitler, or any other fascists, more believable than the real thing; and, given the nature of the community that these mods tend to draw from, this can turn into a rather unironic and gleeful support of totalitarianism.

Exploring the World of Fan-Made Game Mods

In other cases, however, these mods serve a more nuanced purpose. For example, a mod called ‘Eugene One-Shot’ for XCOM 2 is designed to provide players with more options when choosing their mission priority. The ‘National Focus’ system that comes with the base game only allows players to choose one nation at a time; this mod, therefore, adds additional nations that the player can pick as their national focus.

These kinds of mods can be an effective means to resist, or at least circumvent, the closed digital narrative structures that exist within commercial games. As Walter Scacchi argues,’modding can be seen as an important component of the discursive practice that constitutes video gaming’ and a form of ‘(counter)public thought’ (postigo 2010).