Find more information on killara childcare – “Our wonderful Killara center is situated in Ladygame Drive, giving easy access for busy families. Renovated with a rich history in this part of the city, is our newly built, well ventilated, 5 rooms, Early Education Centre. The center features state of the art equipment for the children, including an indoor playroom, music room, computer lab, and library with an archive room. Also included is a playground that allows your child to get into the learning process themselves, whilst having fun at the same time.

Find more information on killara childcare – Common Health & Safety Concerns in Child Care

The Children’s Centre offers the best in educational care for your children’s health, wellbeing and development. Our Child Care Centre includes a swimming pool, gym, music studio, playroom and library. The centre was named one of the Top 50 Child Care Centres by the Sunday Mirror and has been ranked number one by the BBC World Service in Great Britain.

Child Development Centre is an independent, non-profit agency that focuses on providing high-quality child care. Our aim is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and to educate our children about the world around them. Our Child Development Centre offers daycare, pre-school, preschool and homeschooling. We provide the best in educational support and provide our children with enriching activities such as music lessons, art classes, and language classes.