Cheap double front doors can be customized for a variety of purposes. Most custom entry doors can be fitted to your existing windows. They can also be custom made to fit a unique entrance or have additional windows added.

Customized entry doors can also be used to open the front or back of a garage or to extend the width of a walk-in closet. They are very popular in older homes and can be retrofitted with glass panes or tinted glass to provide security. when left open.

Custom entry doors are also commonly used to open the garage doors in an enclosed garage. These doors allow you to gain access to your garage without having to climb a ladder. They make it possible for you to reach items you need quickly.

Customized entry doors are also used to open a basement door in a garage. They are also effective to access the attic without climbing over or on top of shelves and can be used to access a loft.

Custom entry doors can also be used as exterior doors for a deck. This type of door is commonly used for porches.