gripping socks

Gripping socks are an essential accessory for anyone looking to take their workout to the next level. They provide added traction on gym equipment and yoga mats, as well as help to prevent injury.

Gripping Socks: How They Work

To make gripping socks | GAIN THE EDGE, start by tracing the outline of your feet onto a piece of cardboard. Trace the outline of both your feet, then slip that cardboard into a pair of regular socks so that the soles face you and are covered evenly.

Once the outlines are firmly in place, use puffy paint to create lines or dots about half to an inch apart. Using this technique will give your grip socks an aesthetic design that is both unique and functional.

The Power of Gripping Socks: How They Can Enhance Your Performance and Reduce Injuries

If you want to add grips to store-bought socks, you can do so easily and inexpensively. All you need is a needle and yarn, as well as safety pins to hold the soles in place.

Once you have your grips in place, you can secure them to the bottom of your socks with a darning needle and a bit of yarn. To make sure that they don’t come loose, you should thread the needle with your yarn and then sew around the soles, up-and-down, twice. If you want a more decorative look, you can also sew in a zig-zag pattern. This method works best for patterned socks and will help you get creative.