hitlers star sign

Among the most notorious figures of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler belongs to the Taurus sign. This sign represents ambition and passion. It is also associated with quick intellect and enhanced communication style. The following chart depicts the

hitlers star sign of the man who would later become the leader of the Third Reich.

As a sign ruled by Saturn, he may have been a traditional, strict father. Saturn in Leo also represents angularity and abruptness. Moreover, it forms a square aspect to Mars, a sign which shows abruptness and unpredictable behavior. If this is the case, then it is likely that Hitler inherited his aggressive and cruel father traits from his father.

In addition to his stubbornness, Hitler was also known to be warlike. The brightest star in Bootes, Arcturus, is associated with war. A conjunction from Saturn activated this star, in August 1914. It was at this time that England and France declared war on Germany. In 1918, he was awarded the first class Iron Cross for his bravery on the Western Front. Moreover, the Part of Fortune also represents spiritual happiness, which Hitler certainly found during his time on the battlefield.

While astrology cannot predict the future, it can predict the behaviors of individuals. A person born under this sign may be prone to being dramatic and needing attention. In this way, the traits of Hitler have been attributed to his need for attention. This may explain why he craved attention and was more comfortable speaking in front of large crowds.