mold removal company

There are two ways to know for sure if mold has been removed: visual and physical inspection. In cases of visible mold, such as a greenish-black or greenish-white powder residue on a wall, you might know it has been removed; the mold growth has been eliminated. But unseen mold colonies may still be there in the air and in hidden places. Therefore visual inspection isn’t always the way to insure total removal, especially in cases where the mold growth has been eliminated but the remnants remain. Some cities, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, have codes which require the contractor to remove and replace contaminated materials using approved encapsulants.

How a Mold Removal Company In Oklahoma Can Help

A mold removal company in Tulsa will often use an encapsulation product such as Structural Insulation Cure (SIC). Structural insulating materials are moisture barrier materials that serve to protect the interior of a structure from moisture infiltration. The materials must have a specific thermal resistance to resist heat transfer and resist moisture penetration after they have been cured. Once the mold remediation contractor has determined that the presence of mold or mildew is present, they will make a mold assessment of the area to be treated and begin treatment. A mold specialist will probably be called in at this time and will advise the removal and replacement of affected materials, and recommend the proper drying and cleaning techniques and materials.

Sometimes a mold removal company in Tulsa is called in before the rest of the team to evaluate the extent of the water damage, and to determine what, if any, mold remediation is needed. This is because even if the entire building has been restored to its original condition, sometimes hidden mold colonies may still be growing. This situation is usually very short lived, because most mold remediation products are highly effective and completely eliminate all bacteria and spores. When you need to start removing mold from your home, you should contact a mold restoration service as soon as possible.