The golf grip may seem like a simple thing, but it is the only direct proxy available to the body for actually striking the ball. Taking the time to learn how to properly hold a golf club can have profound effects on your game. Golfing greats Arnold Palmer, Harry Vardon, and Tiger Woods credited their success to the proper golf grip.

How do you hit a driver?

Start by holding the golf club proper grip in a neutral grip position. Basically, your thumbs should be pointed mostly down the center of the shaft. This grip is the easiest for beginners to master, and is a good place to begin learning about other grip styles.

Next, you want to position your left thumb (if you’re right-handed) on the grip in a way that covers the entire middle finger of your lead hand and doesn’t wrap around the club. Then, close your right hand over the left so that it rests completely on top of the left thumb and the index finger on the right is just touching the bottom of the grip (creating a v-like shape).

This style of grip is known as interlocking. The main benefit of this grip is that it keeps the hands firmly connected and helps to create stability throughout the swing. This grip is also recommended for people with larger hands.