Motorcycles are a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle steered by a handlebar from a saddle-style seat. They are powered by a gas engine that converts reciprocating piston motion into rotary motion and drives a back wheel to propel the motorcycle forward. The operator controls the engine, transmission system and brakes with two hand levers and a foot pedal. Motorcycles require a higher level of rider skill than four-wheeled automobiles, and riders should always make sure that they are comfortable with the controls before riding.

What needs to be serviced on a motorcycle?

Before each ride, a responsible rider performs a complete visual inspection of the motorcycle to ensure that it is in good operating condition. These basic checks can help identify mechanical defects or equipment failures that may unnecessarily place the rider in a hazardous situation.

It is important to wear a helmet and proper clothing while riding a motorcycle. A helmet protects the rider’s head from impacts and allows a clear field of vision while on the road. Riding gloves are also recommended to provide a secure grip on the handles and to protect the hands in case of an accident. URL :

The tires on a motorcycle should be checked for air pressure, general wear and tread depth. The clutch and throttle should be tested to be certain they are functioning properly. A thorough inspection of the mirrors should be performed, including checking for mud and other debris that could impede visibility. Many motorcycles have rounded “convex” mirrors that can give the impression that objects are farther away than they actually are.