Traditionally, procuring buy magic mushrooms has required navigating legal complexities and sourcing from unreliable or unsafe channels. With mushroom delivery services, however, buyers can avoid these risks by ordering and receiving their products directly from a reputable seller. These services also offer a wide selection of products, making it easy for users to find the right dosage and experience.

Unlike cannabis, which has been federally legalized in some states and regions, the fungus Psilocybe cubensis is illegal in most countries and locales. Only a few jurisdictions have decriminalized its use, including Oregon and several municipalities in Colorado and California. In those places and in Washington, D.C, where citizens passed a 2020 decriminalization measure known as Decriminalize Nature, psychedelic business enterprises like mushroom co-ops and delivery services are cropping up left and right.

On the Menu: Exploring the Variety in Shrooms Delivery Options

While many people are still able to get psilocybin from the gray market, more legitimate businesses are focusing on providing safer ways to experience the drug. Some are aiming to build a psychedelic industry that is more equitable than the corporate model, like mushroom delivery services Mike on a Bike and Utopia Mushrooms.

To determine whether a company is reputable, look for a secure website that displays trusted Internet security seals and scrutinizes their privacy policies. Also consider how the business packages its products and ensures that the shipments are discreet. Look for a clear return policy, too. Lastly, check customer reviews for satisfaction with product effectiveness and shipping discretion.