ohio energy

The Ohio energy sector is an important economic driver in ohio. Whether you are a manufacturer or an energy consumer, Ohio is working to make sure we have the resources we need to remain competitive in our economy and combat climate change.

For example, the state’s renewable energy standards are helping to diversify our electricity portfolio and reducing costs for Ohioans. Similarly, energy efficiency improvements are helping reduce electricity bills and emissions, while also benefitting the environment and local communities.

But not everyone is sold on the benefits of renewable energy, especially in rural areas where many of these projects are planned. Ohio lawmakers have responded to concerns that they are “turning our beautiful rural landscapes into industrial sites,” by passing a law giving county governments a say in the siting of large solar and wind projects. The new law gives counties the power to pass resolutions that prohibit large solar and wind projects, or at least put them on hold pending the review by the state’s Power Siting Board.

Powering Ohio: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Sources and Usage in the Buckeye State”

The state’s deregulated energy market is also allowing consumers to choose their own retail provider of electricity and natural gas. Many Ohioans have taken advantage of this option, saving them money and helping to drive the growth of clean energy in our state.

Ohioans can easily select a green electricity plan by signing up with an Ohio energy supplier, like CleanChoice Energy. The process of switching is simple and straightforward and can be done online or over the phone. Simply enter your zip code, filter options based on your energy needs and choose a plan that best fits you.