The Benefits of DMT Breathing

The breath is our broom, and it can clear dmt breathing away oppressed residue that is blocking our energy. These unresolved residues can affect our emotions, beliefs, and consciousness, all of which affect our core healing and internal alignment. By breathing deeply, the breath allows us to align ourselves with the wisdom of the soul. By clearing out this residue, we can experience core healing and alignment. By practicing the DMT breathing technique, we can experience the benefits of this practice in a more profound and lasting way.

DMT is produced in the human brain during Breathwork sessions. In humans, the brain produces high levels of DMT when the body is placed under stressful conditions. It may also be released during Breathwork sessions, which involve a sudden change in the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the body. The rapid changes in pH place mild stress on the system, triggering DMT release. In theory, this release may have a direct effect on the human mind.

Although it is relatively recent in the drug market, DMT has been used in the Amazon since the eighth century. Native people consumed the hallucinogenic plant Psychotria viridis. In 2018, researchers discovered that breathing is one of the main factors in achieving such states. By reducing stress and anxiety, DMT may even modulate our perception. And, the choroid plexus is responsible for the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which is the fluid that surrounds our brain and spinal cord.