jaguar 1960 e type

The jaguar 1960 e type was one of the most spectacular cars of its time. It launched in Geneva to a wild frenzy on 15 March 1961 and still remains an automotive icon, with the car ranking first in Sports Car International magazine’s list of Top Sports Cars of the Sixties.

The e type is the car that took Jaguar to fame and made them into the world’s biggest car manufacturer. It was a true masterpiece of engineering that embodied everything that Jaguar did to become an industry leader.

It was designed by Cyril Crouch from the bottom up, and he based the design around a specialized front sub-frame made of Reynolds 531 alloy. It was used to support the 3.8-litre XK engine.

Independent rear suspension with rack and pinion steering and disc brakes was developed by Bob Knight to keep weight low, while the front end was also redesigned to allow more room inside. This meant that the back end was very stable even in a bumpy road.

Revving Up: The Legacy of the Iconic Jaguar 1960 E Type

Safety improvements were needed to comply with emissions regulations, so a number of changes were made to the e type in 1968 including open headlamp covers. Other changes included a wrap-around rear bumper, larger front turn signals and tail lights below the bumpers, an expanded grille outside and twin electric fans to help cool the engine.

The e type is an excellent example of a classic car that will appeal to both collectors and drivers. Its performance was superior to its competitors, it braked well and its handling was impeccable. It was also very safe – not something that today’s drivers think is important, and the car has stood the test of time.