epoxy linings

There is a lot of information on the internet about epoxy linings, but some of it may simply be myths or misconceptions. In order to get a better idea of what this pipe repair technology is all about, it’s important to dispel the myths that are out there and understand exactly what epoxy linings are.

Epoxy linings are interior sleeve that can be placed in old pipes to repair them from the inside out. This process seals off pinholes and corrosion-induced fissures in the existing pipe, restoring its structural integrity without requiring costly and time-consuming excavation or replacement. In addition to fixing the underlying issues, epoxy liners can also protect your plumbing from further damage caused by root infiltration and other factors.

The Art and Science of Protection: Unveiling the Power of Epoxy Linings

The first step is to perform a camera evaluation of the piping system to determine its suitability for an epoxy liner. After a thorough inspection, the pipes will be prepped for the new sleeve, which will then be inserted into the pipe using a non-invasive technique. Once cured, the epoxy will provide a smooth surface that will greatly improve the overall flow of water throughout your plumbing system.

The epoxy liner is flexible, which allows it to navigate around most bends, plumbing connections, and diameter changes. This flexibility also allows it to be installed in tees, wyes, and straight liners. The epoxy is also resistant to chemicals, which means that it won’t be affected by chemical waste or other substances that might come into contact with it. In addition, the epoxy is extremely fast-curing, which can allow the project to be completed in just one day.