rubber wet pour

Rubber wet pour is the impact absorbing surfacing solution that’s now seen around playground equipment in schools and play facilities across the UK. It’s designed to cushion falls, reducing the risk of injury from falling on hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete. It is poured on site and can be laid to a variety of depths depending on the equipment installed in an area. This means it is ideal for creating safe and flexible flooring solutions that can be adapted to suit a range of playground activities.

Wet pour surfaces are created by mixing granules from recycled tyres with a binding agent, often a polyurethane resin. The mixture is poured onto the ground and then allowed to cure to form a strong, resilient surface. This two-layer system is commonly referred to as wetpour or poured rubber, with the base layer acting as an impact-absorbing shockpad and the wear course layer providing a colourful surfacing option.

A wide colour choice

We offer a number of different options when it comes to our wetpour surfacing, from plain to vibrantly coloured and textured. We can also incorporate a range of designs and graphics to create a unique surface that meets the needs of your playground or sports facility.

Durable and long-lasting

Wet pour is an incredibly durable, low-maintenance safety surface that will stand up to heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions for years to come. It can be resurfaced easily by professionals if the surface does begin to show signs of wear and tear, making it an exceptionally cost-effective option in the longer term.