To get a perfect result, you need to keep the area which has been treated in the same condition as when the concrete was laid. Do not rub or scrub the concrete when you are cleaning it. Also, do not clean the floor before polishing the concrete. Using the same type of polisher will also prevent the spread of moulds. The polisher must never come into direct contact with the concrete.

Concrete Polish – A New Flooring Choice

When you are cleaning the concrete, you should remember to use the same level of cleaning solution that you used before you started the concrete cleaning. Make sure that you keep a bucket for spills and a sponge in the machine for other spills. Also, never clean the machine by putting too much water into it. You must use the same amount of water with each clean and polish. and it is wise to have a spare bucket which you can use for other spills.

When you are polishing the concrete use very gentle strokes with the polisher and never use too much force on the concrete. Always allow the machine to finish before you remove any part of the concrete which has been polished. You can polish the same area more than once in a day if needed but only apply the polisher onto the same spot before cleaning it up.

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