The garage door is one of the largest garage door installation  parts of your home and is subject to great forces. Therefore it is important to get it installed correctly, the first time. The following steps will help in ensuring your door will operate properly and safely.

Before starting the project it is a good idea to gather together the tools and additional materials you will need. These should include a hammer, nail set and a power drill with a screwdriver tip. You will also need a ladder to reach the sections of the door that are overhead.

Begin by assembling the vertical track pieces. Secure the top plates of each side of the track to the wall using lag screws. Make sure the lag screws are driven into sound framing, since this is where a lot of force will be exerted as the door goes up and down.

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Next, attach the bottom fixture, which consists of a left-hand and right-hand drum and center bearing plate. A lift cable is routed from these fixtures to either a torsion or extension spring and then on to the pulleys on the tracks.

Once the bottom fixture is attached, place the door section onto the bottom track and center it. Using a level and shims as needed, tack the panel into place. Shims are small wood strips you can slide under a panel to even it out. Then use the number two hinges on each end of the panel and the number one hinge in the middle to secure it.