industrial work platform

An industrial work platform is a structure that is built to allow workers to stand for long periods of time at a specific height. It is safer than a ladder and allows more space to move around. It also helps you comply with OSHA’s Working at Height Regulations which requires guardrails and a toe board to prevent items from falling off the edge of the platform onto other workers below.

These structures can be modular or structural in design and are often pre-fabricated. Structural raised platforms are custom designed for parameter size and load points and can be incorporated with other raised equipment like industrial stairs, landings and railing. The engineering for these structures typically takes half the time it does to build one at a local fabrication shop, and they can be installed much faster.

On the Platform: Navigating the Benefits of Industrial Workspaces in Manufacturing

AK Material Handling Systems carries Wildeck Work Platforms which are engineered to provide a durable solution for your warehouse needs. They offer a variety of deck options from open steel grating to a diamond plate or corrugated mezzanine floor panel and can include antimicrobial surfaces for food processing and manufacturing facilities.

They can be designed to fit any building and can even have multiple stories. A new work platform can help you double your warehouse space and eliminate the congestion on your floor level to keep your facility running at peak performance. It can also help you save on utility costs by making better use of unused vertical space.